Tesla’s Powerwall Solar Battery versus Original Electric Power

A few weeks ago a Technology company released a new type of solar battery that would allow one person to run their house hold for quite a while. These batteries are well worth their price being less expensive than the leading type of battery. So far these batteries are meant to store backup power or for a better way to store solar energy when needed. With the release of an these new batteries consumers are now highly considering this as a great way to break ties with electric companies and living purely off of solar energy.

With the implementation of this new battery it sparks a change in people to store solar power and have no electrical dependency what so ever. Seeing as Tesla is widely known for their electric cars and newly designed luxury sedans consumers are looking toward this new solar energy as a bright new future and an eco-friendly way to not only save costs but save our planet. Since the release of Tesla’s new Powewall battery people have since started commenting that nuclear energy and fossil fuels are a thing of the past, which is not even correct it’s about storing the power and drawing the energy from whatever common source is used. Tesla’s Powerwall battery technology might seem new but in reality it’s just a better way of storing energy.

So actually this new technology is just about working with solar energy more efficiently than regular electric power and it’s not destroying it by any means especially since more everyday consumers are fascinated with the idea of living off the grid or just living more environmentally sound. But with the rise of better technology to help with everyday living is progressively more and more of a reality. In short Tesla’s Powerwall is just the beginning of a better situation for all to embrace.

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Tesla Powerwall Home ChartPowerwall Specifications


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Tesla Charging Stations will see Rapid Growth in China.

Tesla Logo

Tesla Logo

Tesla has been working on a issue in china that will help support consumers who are interested in purchasing fully electric vehicles but the lack of charging stations in China has been an obstacle for many of consumers in china until recently a deal has been struck. China Unicorn has signed an agreement with Tesla which will allow Unicorn to install charging stations for Tesla electric vehicles at many locations throughout China.

Details of the Deal

Charging stations will be located 400 China Unicorn locations in about 120 cities. Now who is paying for what? Well according to Financial Times Tesla may be paying for the installation of these charging points and China Unicorn maybe paying for the complete maintenance and electricity according to Financial Times. If Tesla can manage more hefty deals like this it can definitely bring more business and growth to their charging network really fast. The both companies already had business deals including China Unicorn providing Internet service for Tesla electric cars already in China.

How important is China to Tesla?

Elon Musk has stated on many occasion that China can become the company’s biggest market to date. The Asian market for premium vehicles has risen between 2003 and 2012 at least 36% on a annual basis. If this should continue by 2016 China will overtake the U.S. for having the biggest premium automobile market. With some of Tesla competition seeing real negative publicity concerning pricing on vehicles and being investigated by China’s National Development and Reform Commission this has given a path for Tesla to excel since they have what they call customer-first policy.


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More Smaller and Affordable Tesla Sedans coming in 2016

In the later part of 2016 Tesla Motors will release what the company is calling it GenIII vehicle which is suppose to be a smaller electric sedan that is half the size of the Model S. Elon Musk was speaking at his companies annual shareholders meeting he said that the GenIII will have a much closer design to the current Tesla lineup. He gave some hints that the GenIII might have what he calls it autopilot features with some self driving features but may not be ready at the time it’s released.

Tesla is always on the verge of improving and modifying their technology for a better electric car. Tesla’s goal is to hit 200 miles to them is making for better use of technology and making a better and affordable electric car. Even more so with Tesla and Panasonic working on a new battery-cell electrochemistry that is for use in automobiles only and is pretty confident his company can achieve huge hurdles such as expanding energy storage and using energy density technology.

For this calendar year Tesla will be delivering about 21,000 units with more to come in 2015 and with more cars being delivered to Europe and Asian markets.

New Supercharging Network

Tesla has made much needed improvements to their supercharger network technology with recharging speeds from 45 minutes to 20 minutes to maintain battery range. Tesla’s goal is to spend less time at a charging stations than at a gasoline stations. Tesla has mention many times that Elon Musk is open to licensing Tesla’s batteries and charging technology to other car makers and would discuss compensation. All cost of technology is already in the price of the every car.

Retail Setbacks in Some States

Tesla has had a few setback in Texas, North Carolina and Virginia but continues to confront both national and state auto dealer associations about Tesla’s auto sales. Customers don’t realize how powerful auto dealers are especially the big national auto dealers that have the money to spend and lobby certain government law makers. Then they scream that they beat the system. But there’s no real victory in beating democracy.

2016 Tesla GenIII Sketch-Up Drawings

2016 Tesla GenIII sketch-up drawings  by Telsa

2016 Tesla GenIII sketch-up drawings by Telsa

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