Tesla’s Powerwall Solar Battery versus Original Electric Power

A few weeks ago a Technology company released a new type of solar battery that would allow one person to run their house hold for quite a while. These batteries are well worth their price being less expensive than the leading type of battery. So far these batteries are meant to store backup power or for a better way to store solar energy when needed. With the release of an these new batteries consumers are now highly considering this as a great way to break ties with electric companies and living purely off of solar energy.

With the implementation of this new battery it sparks a change in people to store solar power and have no electrical dependency what so ever. Seeing as Tesla is widely known for their electric cars and newly designed luxury sedans consumers are looking toward this new solar energy as a bright new future and an eco-friendly way to not only save costs but save our planet. Since the release of Tesla’s new Powewall battery people have since started commenting that nuclear energy and fossil fuels are a thing of the past, which is not even correct it’s about storing the power and drawing the energy from whatever common source is used. Tesla’s Powerwall battery technology might seem new but in reality it’s just a better way of storing energy.

So actually this new technology is just about working with solar energy more efficiently than regular electric power and it’s not destroying it by any means especially since more everyday consumers are fascinated with the idea of living off the grid or just living more environmentally sound. But with the rise of better technology to help with everyday living is progressively more and more of a reality. In short Tesla’s Powerwall is just the beginning of a better situation for all to embrace.

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Tesla Powerwall Home ChartPowerwall Specifications


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Aeromobil’s Flying Car Crashes during Testing Phase

This past Friday the company Aeromobil who are currently testing their version of a flying car has had a set-back when the companies prototype crashed during a testing session with the cars Chief Designer Stefan Klein was behind the wheel but thankfully he was able to walk away from the accident, but for precautionary measures was still taken to a nearby hospital and cleared for release sometime later. It is speculated that the car had fallen at approximately 900 feet in a mid-air tail spin but as luck would have it Stefan Klein was able to release the vehicles on-board emergency parachute which helped to lighten the impact.

Aeromobil released a statement following the incident that the company will be using all recorded data from the crash to help improve with further development of the companies first flying vehicle, the light at the end of the tunnel was that the emergency parachute deploying successfully was it was meant to do and thus helped in saving the pilots Stefan Klein’s life. In a further statement Aeromobil stated that the third generation prototype vehicle only suffered minor damage thus allowing for further flight testing once the prototype is fully repaired.

Even though the vehicle is more plane than car it can still be tested on public roads but Aeromobil has estimated the vehicles approximate top speed to be 100mph on the ground and approximately 124 mph in the air. Its take off speed is approximately 90 mph and can reach 430 miles on one full tank of gas. Aeromobil hopes to start full production in early 2017.


Aeromobil Flying Car

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