Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard : Building a Better Armored Car

Mercedes-Benz has put in more than 80 years of developing and building specialize armored vehicles. When Mercedes-Benz puts out their finished product you are definitely paying for what you get which is a armored vehicle that protects you and your love ones which you can’t put a price tag on. But in a high profile life style in world of important and famous people they usually buy heavy armored cars for their exclusive lifestyle needs.

S 600 Pullmann

Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

There is only one brand that is popular all over the world and that is the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard. Back in the thirties they sold their very first armored car to Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Now one thing about the Pullman is that it is much longer than the regular S-Class. Actually the vehicle is now 45 inches longer and a third row of seats have been added to the new model.

As in any stretch limo the front compartment is separated from the back compartment, with an addition of a partition with the only difference that the roofline of the vehicle has been modified to allow more headroom in the rear compartment. To best describe this vehicle don’t refer to it as a standard stretch limo. The new Pullman has been redesigned at every aspect this is not a converted limo by any means. The Pullman has a B6/B7 level of armor protection which is much higher than other manufactures place on their vehicles. This type of armor will protect anyone inside the car from military gun fire and hand grenade shrapnel. Mercedes-Benz even lists that it will protect against RPG fire. Now as a safety features the Pullman is carrying a self-sealing gas tank which is protected from any gunfire, run flat tires and its own fire extinguisher system.

The Pullman has a 5.5-liter twin-turbo engine V-12 engine that makes at least 510hp with 612lb-ft of torque. It ranges at least 21 feet long but there is no listing of any weight of the vehicle. Maybe considering all the armor protection on the car it is no way near of being considered light.

Listed Price for the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

The Listed price for the is very substantial considering all the protection and safety it bring to people of importance and high profile government figures. It is listed at $1.4 million dollars which is way more than its competitors. Considering the armor it carries makes perfect sense. This is not a converted vehicle by any means this is a redesigned limo from the ground up.


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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 Full Review

2014 Cheverolet -Corvette Stingray

2014 Cheverolet -Corvette Stingray

The new seventh generation corvette is ready for sale with improved interior as well as for exterior design giving the corvette stingray a large upgrade than the last model. There is so much going on with this car it all falls in to place what I like most the rear fenders flow straight into the rear bumper making it look like a super fast car with plenty of details. Most of the vehicle still looks like the C6 but the rear of the car has that fastback shape. There is a new infotainment system with a new display mounted in the center dash the display panel has a fascinating new look also comes with a multi-function steering wheel keeping all controls to the driver.

The C7 Corvette Stingray comes with a 6.2-liter LTI V-8 engine has 450 horsepower and 450lbs of torque this makes the C7 a top vehicle to run on race tracks with fast lap times. The speed time on the C7 is 0-60 in 4 seconds flat and can achieve 1 g in cornering grip (when the vehicle has Z51 Performance Package). The new Corvette is expected to be the most fuel efficient vehicle meeting EPA estimated at 26 mpg this is because of the seven-speed manual transmission. Along on other models a six speed automatic transmission.

The Z51 Performance Package is for racetrack fans that loves to race this package includes a electronic slip differential, transmission cooling, suspension upgrades the Z51 Performance Package comes with other high aerodynamic features that increase and improve high speed stability. This new Corvette shares two parts with the older model which is incorporating the vehicle with all new steel and aluminum frame structure and chassis as well new exterior and interior design. They have brand new Michelin sport tires especially developed for this brand of Corvette. Now the standard model comes with regular calipers and steel discs. When upgrading to the Z51 Performance Package adds bigger slotted discs. When purchasing the Z51 Performance Package does come with a what they call Performance Traction Management which helps control and adjust torque and brake stability. With the newly design infotainment system it comes with Chevrolet Mylink which features touch screen capability on a eight inch screen with gesture recognition and a USB input for charging and uploads.



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2014 Goodwood Festival debuted both Fords 2015 Focus ST and Focus ST Diesel Model.

The Ford Motor Company debuted 2 new models the 2015 Ford Focus ST (standard gas model) and the ST Diesel at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this past June 26-29th, 2014. Ford has added new features to their both the new Focus Hatch-back model and the Focus ST Diesel model but for some reason, there is no current information on the diesel model will not be released in the U.S.

2015 Ford Focus ST and 2015 Focus ST Diesel

The new updates on the latest models can be seen in the chassis, tuned suspension, steering, improved balanced tires that “grip” the road which is said to help improve road conditions and deliver a better driving experience. Additional features are in the front and back suspension that have been fitted with updated springs and more durable shock absorbers. Also steering is now electric assisted which has been modified to help improve the feel when steering the Focus ST. Fords Focus ST & ST Diesel have been fitted with 18 inch wheels which might be a standard feature for these models.

There have been no upgrades to the power-train so it still comes equipped with the 2.0 Eco-Boost 4-cylinder engines which have 252 hp and 270 pounds of torque which was in the previous model. This engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission making for quick acceleration even in lower gears this gives the vehicle a reported 0-60 mph in about 6.0 seconds. The Ford Focus ST Diesel is fitted with a 2.0 diesel engine which ford estimates will do approximately 0-60 mph in 8 seconds flat.

When it comes to the Focus ST & ST Diesel models exterior décor they have been fitted with new headlights, bumpers, new sporty rear wing spoiler, new hexagonal centered tail pipes, and all door knobs and levers have been fitted with satin chrome accessories which helps set the mood and the feel of the cars. As for technological advances or improvements these models have been fitted with new reversing camera and is a standard feature, also the Ford Sync system which will allow drivers to make hands-free telephone calls, control music and navigate thru other functions with the use of voice commands will be added for better connectivity. At this time only Fords Focus ST (non-diesel model) will be on sale starting this fall. As for the Focus ST Diesel model it appears that it will only be sold overseas.



2015 Ford Focus -ST

2015 Ford Focus -ST

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Information on 2015 BMW i8 and Release Date.

Hybrid Sports Car

Hybrid Sports Car

The new sports car the 2015 BMW i8 was design with an abundance of new technology the car also comes with plug-in hybrid powertrain and a all-wheel drive system that will make this BMW one of the most requested and best selling. This sports coupe has a 0.26 coefficient of drag which help fuel economy and increases efficiency. As for the large wheels and tires for a sturdy grip on the road. BMW did add a pair of air intakes that are located underneath the front headlights so that it creates a air curtain surrounding the front wheels and towards the rear there is mounted ram air intakes that are placed in front of each rear wheel.

Engine Specifications

The uniqueness of the i8’s combination small gas engine paired off with a electric motor. The 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine is place right behind the cockpit, the specified specs on the current model is 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine so the 2015 BMW i8 is half of the current model that is avaibable right now. The 1.5-liter 3-cylinder is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and has a 11hp belt driven starter motor generator which helps keep the lithium –ion batteries charged. The Batteries cells are located in the center of the vehicle normally you would find the transmission tunnel there.

Near the front axle is the 129-hp electric motor with 2-speed transmission the transmission only operates when the car is in first gear and at very low speeds in electric-only eMode. Then it will switch to higher of the available gears at all other times. But when the car is in electric only eMode the 2015 BMW i8 has a range of 22 miles and can top speeds of and up to 75mph and then that will automatically start the turbo 3-cylinder will start. And what amazes me that the car can decides on how much power to transfer to all wheels just by the speed and traction only. The gas-electric powertrain can give up to 360-hp with 420lb.ft of torque which can boost the i8 from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds at a speed of 155mph. When tested in Europe it had a zero-emission at top speed of 75 mph.

After the Auto show in Frankfurt this vehicle is one of this year’s anticipated releases with first examples just coming off the production line. European deliveries begin later this month and information on U.S. deliveries soon to come.


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Details and Information on the 2015 BMW M3 & M4



BMW LogoThese two vehicles are perfectly designed in almost every way both are 10lbs of having the same curb weight along with an exact bending stiffness. Both BMW models come with a similar exterior such as a carbon roof, bulged hood, quad pipes, and flared fenders giving both models a nice design and making them road ready. The BMW M3 is going back to a straight six engine which most BMW consumers associate with the M3, so now instead of a 4-liter V8 engine which was huge and hard to start will be replaced with a 3.0-liter six cylinder engine. This engine is a great fit for the M3 as this engine is not widely or commonly used within the auto industry, giving the 3.0-Liter Six an Auto of its own.

This particular six cylinder engine has a bit more power than the original V8 in previous models; it ranges from 414 hp up to 424 hp with approximately 406lb-ft torque and 1800-5500 rpm placing BMW’s M3 in a whole new light. BMW’s M3 uses a dual-clutch transmission which is paired with a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine that can reach speeds of 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds which is down 0.7 seconds from their previous model. Giving BMW’s M3 a significant amount of power and the best way to highlight or show off this vehicles power would be while it is in the park position simply by gently press the right pedal (gas pedal) while in idle the motor revs should swing all the way to 3500 rpm you should hear a bang from the clutch this would be a lot of fun to try but definitely NOT while in regular street traffic.

So when choosing between automatic and stick-shift, always go with the stick-shift on this model. There are two features that are definite must haves; one being the price is which includes the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) a definite must have and the vehicles weight is another, the manual box within these models weighs approximately 88lbs less than previous models. Remember to take into consideration that with any transmission you choose you might have strong traction with no under-steer.

These new vehicles from BMW the M3 and the M4 are very well made with almost every detail finding new power in the form of the six cylinder engine which is paired with a dual clutch transmission was surely brilliant addition especially for the high speed drivers that want excitement on the road this might fix that need for speed. On a closing note the M4 should be the smarter buy even if your thinking of purchasing a car six years down the road this car may not lose its value, while still weighing less than the Nissan GT-R.



New Hybrid for Mitsubishi the Concept XR-PHEV

mitsubishi_concept_xr-phev_1Mitsubishi recently unveiled a new sporty hybrid aptly named the XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo this car debuted late this past year (2013) in Tokyo. The design or concept for this particular vehicle is said to have been inspired by a video game (Grand Turismo 6). Two groups were called upon by Mitsubishi one was a high development and design group and the second was an aerodynamic design group which were asked to help with the development of the vehicle for virtual space. This concept vehicle uses the plug-in hybrid EV Technology which is both a gasoline motor engine and an electric engine which powers all four wheels thru an eight-speed dual transmission, it is also equipped with an S-AWC vehicle control system that distributes power to all four wheels evenly. The cars body is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) it also has front and rear diffusers.

 How to get the Car

You will need a PS3 and a copy of Grand Turismo 6. Once that is complete you can update your PS3 with update 1.08 then you will be able to purchase the vehicle in the Vision GT section or win it by completing one lap in this seasonal event. Check out my You Tube Link where you can see how Mitsubishi brought this vehicle design together.




Meet the new 2015 Honda FCEV Concept Vehicle


This year the Honda FCEV conception created its 1st world look at the L.A. International machine Show. Honda has commented that the new conception automotive shows what direction Honda plans for the next-generation of electric cell vehicle(s), with AN expected launch date set in early 2015 for a U.S. and Japan unharness followed by Europe. Honda FCEV perhaps ensuing generation of electric cell-electric vehicle with the primary ever fuel cell power-train application. The fuel–cell power-train utterly fits within the engine house of the vehicle allowing higher cabin house.

In comparison to Honda’s earlier electric cell model, the 2008 FCX Clarity there looks to be a sixty p.c increase in power density at intervals the FCEV model whereas reducing stack size by thirty three p.c. The fresh fuel stack will deliver a golf range of over three hundred miles with a supplying time of roughly three minutes at a pressure of seventy MPA’s. The Honda FCEV Concept’s lines ar designed to offer the vehicle a wider ultra-aerodynamic body with enough space for up-to five passengers. Fuel-cells are a piece current for Honda, in 2008 Honda free their 1st electric cell vehicle referred to as the FCX Clarity that was ready to reach 240 miles of golf range with the cell-battery at that point.

Since could of 2013 Honda has been trying into other ways of creating a supplying infrastructure, therefore yankee Honda joined in an exceedingly personal partnership named H2USA that is formed of trade automakers, government agencies, gas suppliers, H and fuel-cell industries which might analysis price effective solutions with the intention to deliver clean H fuel at intervals the us.

In July of 2013 Honda conjointly partnered with General Motors on a cooperative agreement to co-develop ensuing generation of fuel-cell systems and H storage technologies, the thought behind the agreement is in sharing technological experience between each automakers as a result of in today’s market most leading automotive makers ar finance cash in environmentally pleasant vehicle projects/models. Honda’s FCEV conception automotive could be a study of fuel cells and the way they’ll power a automotive economically whereas still being road friendly.

Auto Show in Los Angeles, 2013

The L.A   motor vehicle Show (Nov.22nd – Dec.2nd, 2013) is wherever the automotive industries leading makers will showcase and introduce their latest styles, and ideas whereas showcasing what the corporate has accomplished and deliver the goods in previous years and what it\’s wanting to attain for the close to future. this can be wherever Honda introduced its novel production for up-coming generation of FCEV’s style. This new construct automotive is anticipated to hit the U.S. and Japan market in 2015.

Complete Review of the 2014 Cadillac ELR

Cadillac has formally joined the ranks of the electrical automotive with their 2014 Cadillac ELR which can headline their complete within the coming back year. The Cadillac ELR incorporates a beginning sticker value of $75,995 to some could appear a trifle steep however since the Tesla incorporates a beginning sticker value of $89,900 customers will see a deal.

The Cadillac ELR has the performance associated look of an ATS motorcar however with is rated as having thirty seven miles of electrical vary, that if you were to convert it to gas it’d be thirty seven miles to at least one gallon of gas however that one  gallon of gas is carried on within the 435-pound battery along side one in every of the models highlights being it’s reclaiming mechanical energy through regeneration, therefore the longer you drive your non-electric automotive it won’t build additional hydrocarbon for you the Cadillac ELR’s method for reclaiming mechanical energy is understood to everybody as regeneration.

The Cadillac ELR may be a likeness of the annoy V from the power-train, floor-plan and front suspension that has been refined with all new body and interior. However with all new style options for the 2014 Cadillac; with the outside style a constant of drag zero.31 that is extremely infuriating once comparison to the annoy Volt’s zero.26 and therefore the Tesla zero.24 of the Model S. The Cadillac’s lithium-ion battery is rated zero.5 k W-hr on top of the sixteen k W-hr unit within the V these batteries are virtually identical with only 1 distinction that the ELR uses additional battery capability. the 2 electrical motors within the Cadillac ELR will deliver up to 181 H.P. and 195-lbs-ft of force, the generator may be a one.4 liter, 84hp I-4 that spins at a most of 4800rpms. Speed acceleration is way to be accepted with a 0-60 mph in seven.8 seconds fully electrical operation is eight.8 seconds. currently with its competition the annoy V will 0-60 mph in eight.7 second and with the Tesla Model S P85 will 0-60 mph in four seconds flat.

This year’s LA automotive Show (Nov.22nd – Dec.2nd) was the place to be if people needed to be ready to not solely see however take a look at drive, first-hand the Cadillac ELR,; the majority reported or expressed the ELR felt fast however somewhat lacked in pick-up throughout speed, however had associate extravagant feel, comfort and a quite motor. The ELR’s speed acceleration feels swish, however once driving within the mountains the ICE can kick on and is extremely loud once running at a high revolutions per minute. Don’t be mistaken the ELR will in no manner correspond or seem like a sports automotive with its vast upgraded interior. The dash, door panels and seats are all lined, cut and seamed with what appears to be handcrafted real animal skin. within the seats are snug with many head-room the sole draw back would be the rear seat that is tiny and compact, however if you’re accustomed to the 2013 Cadillac ATS you may feel terribly totally different sitting in a very ELR. Driving the ELR customers would possibly check up on that automotive because the automotive of the long run, whereas creating a press release on saving gas. In my opinion the 2014 Cadillac ELR are going to be a shopper favorite within the coming back year as an alternate automotive.


Review of 2014 Jaguar F-Type Convertible ” Los Angeles Car Show”


The 2014 F-Type V-8 S may be a automobile for anybody craving for speed and high performance the F-Type convertible produces 495 power unit and may reach a high speed of 186 mph in but three.9 seconds, the engine sounds loud and gilded however in a very great way for those seeking to be detected and seen which suggests you’ll be able to drive it and create lots noise on the open road. The manner this new F-Type convertible was designed was absolute genius with the thought of putting in a V-8 engine super-charger into a sleek metal bodied roadster. The new F-Type will weigh a minimum of three,958 pounds and still 582 pounds quite the Porsche 911 cab, however with a lot of improved power to weight quantitative relation. getting a automobile like this merely means that the patron needs speed and desires to be noticed in a very position automobile. The new F-Type is claimed to possess a wonderful braking system rated by its best stop of one hundred and five feet from 60mph that was achieved throughout speed testing, additionally it did manage a seventy.7 mph speed through a slalom take a look at. However the bulk of technical problems with the F-Type stem from its steering and suspension as a result of some affiliation malfunctions within the wiring, few tests the steering on the F-Type just can’t handle sharp steering and encompasses a robust time examination to the Porsche being that it’s lots lighter and easier to steer and maneuver.


Let it’s familiar that each Porsche and Mercedes have models kind of like the F-Type among their vehicle line-ups, like the Porsche 911 cab and therefore the Mercedes SLS Roadster. The Mercedes SL-63 (no road reports yet) encompasses a beginning worth at $147,300 U.S. bucks and therefore the Mercedes SLS and SL-65 high $210,000. nevertheless the beginning worth for the F-Type is barely $92,895 however once delivered absolutely loaded it will run as high as $105,620 U.S. bucks even with its high performance and wonderful Premium and Extended animal skin packages. however of late since the beginning of the summer the patron and critics have aforementioned the 2014 F-Type convertible isn’t convincing or too costly, some may additionally scrutinize this automobile because the final escape or some way to require an opportunity from reality as a result of to some the F-Type is also nothing quite a weekend toy.


Led Double Face Truck Lights, Double Face U-turn Lights

Led Double Face Truck Lights, Double Face U-turn Lights.

Great Product One of Sunway’s Best sellers This U-Turn Signal Device is independent from vehicle’s current electrical system and will not interfere with the vehicle’s current signal system. The U-Turn Signal Device consists of programmed IC, LED Array and a switch.

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