Nissan Sees Tough Competition in the Chevy Bolt in 2018

2018 Chevrolet Bolt

2018 Chevrolet Bolt

At last month Auto Show in Detroit it had the first showing of the new EV concept car the Chevrolet Bolt. This car is schedule to showroom floors in 2018 and is to go on sale. The Bolt can go up to the 200 mile range from the advanced lithium ion batteries, the estimated price is at $30,000. At this present day the Nissan Leaf is currently the best electric car in the U.S. it sells at the current price of $30,000 and has only 84 miles of range when fully charged.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn released a comment “ The Bolt is not a surprise but are next generation Leaf is due out between 2-3 years and it will have more range than the current model and may even cost much less. We want to be competitive with the rest of the industry.

One company did say that the Nissan Leaf has a setback of range when comparing to the Bolt but was confident that Nissan was making progress to advance the range of the Leaf. He was referring also to the development of better batteries that have more energy density and are much lighter and cost less. With both cars coming out at the same time the Bolt and Leaf have plenty of time to develop better performance on their batteries and vehicle performance. We will see who will have the EV with the longest range.

Inside Interior in the Chevrolet Bolt

Inside Interior in the Chevrolet Bolt

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