Mercedes-Benz to Develop & Release more plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2017

Mercedes Dashboard

Mercedes Dashboard

Mercedes-Benz is ready and plans to release more plug-in hybrids by 2017. Mercedes-Benz recently introduced the S500 Plug-in Hybrid, but this is just the start as there are ten models scheduled to be released before 2017, which is why it’s said that Mercedes-Benz hybrid family will grow more within the next few years. These new hybrids will reach the public approximately every four months it will cover not only C-E and S-Class and including new SUV’s.

The first set will be the new C-Class Plug-in Hybrid’s these new cars will look the same as the regular models but the only difference being the rear charging port which will be integrated into the rear bumper, it will also have a new feature an active shutter grille which is said to be a great way to improve your vehicles fuel efficiency by controlling the airflow and lessening the aerodynamic drag.

Mercedes-Benz will be using a new V6 engine paired with an electric motor which carries an 8.7 kWh battery pack, this particular engine is integrated/built-in to both the 2015 CLS 400 4-door sedan as well as in the 2015 SL 400 Convertible these two vehicles/models were first introduced at the 2014 Paris Auto Show . Both these brand new models are available on showroom floors here in the U.S.

New Electric Hybrid

New Electric Hybrid

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