Google’s Plans for Self-driving Vehicle is on the Rise

You Tube Video

You Tube Video


The self-driving vehicle has picked up steam and is a top subject on many car consumers minds of late on what developments have been taken by Google. To start Google has mapped plenty of roads across the United States including within the Silicon Valley area, while their test drivers are in the car testing for certain scenarios that a typical driver will experience on the road. This data will be stored within the vehicles memory thus allowing the car the ability to react promptly to any danger that the vehicle may come across.

Google’s research shows that 90% of accidents are created by human error so taking away that issue by allowing the car to navigate and avoid road possible hazards all together, still some issues have not been worked out such as when an accident does happen who is responsible?, this will have insurance companies really rethinking the way they sell insurance to the public. Also, the technology part has been brought up many times such as hackers possibly taking control of the navigation and changing car routes or settings. Also how the car will handle serious weather but Google has said that the car will be able to handle rain and fog but the issue of snow is still being worked on.

There are at least 33,000 people who die every year due to car accidents that are usually caused by human error, what if that was taken away and the lives of loved ones were sparred?, think of the long term success that this project could achieve. The possibilities are endless and well worth the wait.


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