New Hybrid for Mitsubishi the Concept XR-PHEV

mitsubishi_concept_xr-phev_1Mitsubishi recently unveiled a new sporty hybrid aptly named the XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo this car debuted late this past year (2013) in Tokyo. The design or concept for this particular vehicle is said to have been inspired by a video game (Grand Turismo 6). Two groups were called upon by Mitsubishi one was a high development and design group and the second was an aerodynamic design group which were asked to help with the development of the vehicle for virtual space. This concept vehicle uses the plug-in hybrid EV Technology which is both a gasoline motor engine and an electric engine which powers all four wheels thru an eight-speed dual transmission, it is also equipped with an S-AWC vehicle control system that distributes power to all four wheels evenly. The cars body is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) it also has front and rear diffusers.

 How to get the Car

You will need a PS3 and a copy of Grand Turismo 6. Once that is complete you can update your PS3 with update 1.08 then you will be able to purchase the vehicle in the Vision GT section or win it by completing one lap in this seasonal event. Check out my You Tube Link where you can see how Mitsubishi brought this vehicle design together.




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