Meet the new 2015 Honda FCEV Concept Vehicle


This year the Honda FCEV conception created its 1st world look at the L.A. International machine Show. Honda has commented that the new conception automotive shows what direction Honda plans for the next-generation of electric cell vehicle(s), with AN expected launch date set in early 2015 for a U.S. and Japan unharness followed by Europe. Honda FCEV perhaps ensuing generation of electric cell-electric vehicle with the primary ever fuel cell power-train application. The fuel–cell power-train utterly fits within the engine house of the vehicle allowing higher cabin house.

In comparison to Honda’s earlier electric cell model, the 2008 FCX Clarity there looks to be a sixty p.c increase in power density at intervals the FCEV model whereas reducing stack size by thirty three p.c. The fresh fuel stack will deliver a golf range of over three hundred miles with a supplying time of roughly three minutes at a pressure of seventy MPA’s. The Honda FCEV Concept’s lines ar designed to offer the vehicle a wider ultra-aerodynamic body with enough space for up-to five passengers. Fuel-cells are a piece current for Honda, in 2008 Honda free their 1st electric cell vehicle referred to as the FCX Clarity that was ready to reach 240 miles of golf range with the cell-battery at that point.

Since could of 2013 Honda has been trying into other ways of creating a supplying infrastructure, therefore yankee Honda joined in an exceedingly personal partnership named H2USA that is formed of trade automakers, government agencies, gas suppliers, H and fuel-cell industries which might analysis price effective solutions with the intention to deliver clean H fuel at intervals the us.

In July of 2013 Honda conjointly partnered with General Motors on a cooperative agreement to co-develop ensuing generation of fuel-cell systems and H storage technologies, the thought behind the agreement is in sharing technological experience between each automakers as a result of in today’s market most leading automotive makers ar finance cash in environmentally pleasant vehicle projects/models. Honda’s FCEV conception automotive could be a study of fuel cells and the way they’ll power a automotive economically whereas still being road friendly.

Auto Show in Los Angeles, 2013

The L.A   motor vehicle Show (Nov.22nd – Dec.2nd, 2013) is wherever the automotive industries leading makers will showcase and introduce their latest styles, and ideas whereas showcasing what the corporate has accomplished and deliver the goods in previous years and what it\’s wanting to attain for the close to future. this can be wherever Honda introduced its novel production for up-coming generation of FCEV’s style. This new construct automotive is anticipated to hit the U.S. and Japan market in 2015.

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