Review of 2014 Jaguar F-Type Convertible ” Los Angeles Car Show”


The 2014 F-Type V-8 S may be a automobile for anybody craving for speed and high performance the F-Type convertible produces 495 power unit and may reach a high speed of 186 mph in but three.9 seconds, the engine sounds loud and gilded however in a very great way for those seeking to be detected and seen which suggests you’ll be able to drive it and create lots noise on the open road. The manner this new F-Type convertible was designed was absolute genius with the thought of putting in a V-8 engine super-charger into a sleek metal bodied roadster. The new F-Type will weigh a minimum of three,958 pounds and still 582 pounds quite the Porsche 911 cab, however with a lot of improved power to weight quantitative relation. getting a automobile like this merely means that the patron needs speed and desires to be noticed in a very position automobile. The new F-Type is claimed to possess a wonderful braking system rated by its best stop of one hundred and five feet from 60mph that was achieved throughout speed testing, additionally it did manage a seventy.7 mph speed through a slalom take a look at. However the bulk of technical problems with the F-Type stem from its steering and suspension as a result of some affiliation malfunctions within the wiring, few tests the steering on the F-Type just can’t handle sharp steering and encompasses a robust time examination to the Porsche being that it’s lots lighter and easier to steer and maneuver.


Let it’s familiar that each Porsche and Mercedes have models kind of like the F-Type among their vehicle line-ups, like the Porsche 911 cab and therefore the Mercedes SLS Roadster. The Mercedes SL-63 (no road reports yet) encompasses a beginning worth at $147,300 U.S. bucks and therefore the Mercedes SLS and SL-65 high $210,000. nevertheless the beginning worth for the F-Type is barely $92,895 however once delivered absolutely loaded it will run as high as $105,620 U.S. bucks even with its high performance and wonderful Premium and Extended animal skin packages. however of late since the beginning of the summer the patron and critics have aforementioned the 2014 F-Type convertible isn’t convincing or too costly, some may additionally scrutinize this automobile because the final escape or some way to require an opportunity from reality as a result of to some the F-Type is also nothing quite a weekend toy.


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